Thinking about a new lawn in California or Arizona? Then West Coast Turf’s West Coaster fescue sod is a grass that you should consider. This very versatile turfgrass can thrive in many soil types. It is the most drought tolerant and resistant of any of the tall fescue varieties we have found. Mature fescue sod is available for an instant, rich, green, lush lawn, and seed is available for easy repairs. At West Coast Turf, our sod is harvested daily and uniquely packaged to ensure that your delivery is fresh and ready for planting.

What is Fescue Sod

Our West Coaster semi-dwarf tall fescue sod is a cool season turfgrass. It performs well in coastal California, the cooler inland valley, and cooler California and Arizona high desert. Its year round dark green color and soft blade make it a popular choice.

Exclusive West Coaster Fescue Sod

west coaster fescue sod

West Coast Turf has developed the exclusive West Coaster fescue sod using the finest quality semi-dwarf tall fescue seed. This new generation of tall fescue has a gorgeous dark green color, lasting wear tolerance and excellent disease resistance. An improvement over older varieties, West Coaster fescue sod is more drought tolerant, uses less water, and can endure partial shade as well as heat. It stays green year-round throughout southwest regions.

Benefits of Fescue Sod

Fescue sod is often used for home lawns, landscapes, playgrounds and parks. It provides a rich, dark green color year-round, thrives in cooler California and Arizona locations, and can adapt to a wide range of soil types. Fescue sod has a deep root system that makes it hearty for drought and gives it some heat tolerance.

Maintenance of Fescue Sod

Daily watering is not ideal, and we recommend a strict schedule in the beginning. It is best to water deeply, to a depth of 6-8”, then skip a day or two. You may see a bit of color change to a more blueish green, and that is when it needs watering again. Watering the grass with these short breaks forces the roots to grow deeper, thus allowing the grass to eventually endure extended periods of heat without stress. When scheduling mowing, keep in mind that tall fescue does best at taller heights. Do not mow it lower than two inches and keep it even higher during the warmer months.

West Coast Turf for Fescue Sod

With decades of experience, West Coast Turf is an industry leader for turf innovation and customer service. Contact our professionals at West Coast Turf to find out if West Coaster fescue sod is best for your lawn and needs. We offer regular and big-roll sod options and can ship anywhere in the world. Our skilled crews are available for installation of your new turf as well. Call West Coast Turf at: 888-893-TURF.