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Annual Weed Control and Your Lawn

With the recent rise in temperatures and a little moisture you have likely seen some weeds pop up even if you had put down a pre-emergent in the fall. We have hit the end of the window where the fall application will control the weeds. It is now time to control the weeds that have snuck through your barrier and to put down a control for the summer annuals.

Let us start with controlling the weeds that have made their way through your turf. There are a couple different types of weeds to treat. Before we can give you chemicals to spray its important to recognize the type of grass you’re treating. I will put the recommendations down for a dormant turf lawn and one that has been overseeded with perennial ryegrass for the winter. If you did not overseed in the fall you will follow the dormant turf guidelines. My recommendations will be for bermudagrass so if you have paspalum or St. Augustine make sure you read the herbicide label prior to applying and follow the correct rate. These are usually different than bermudagrass.

Dormant Turf

If you let your Arizona and California lawn go dormant for the winter, it is starting to see a little life now with the warmer temperatures. You will not see any growth until the soil temperature reached 64 degrees which is usually in April, but your lawn will green up in color in March.

First step will be to clean up your lawn by mowing any debris and dead material off the top. This is not scalping the lawn, just get a good clean up. Next step will be to treat any broadleaves or grassy weeds that may have popped through your turf. For broadleaves you can apply 2,4-D and grassy weeds such as poa annua or volunteer ryegrass can typically be hand pulled, dabbed (not sprayed, think bingo dabber) with tiny amount of roundup or a product such as Revolver or Kerb. Because of its very shallow root system you should not have to use any products to kill it. It pulls out of the ground very easily and is usually caused by low areas and too much water.

Poa annua

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Pre-Emergent Weed Control/Watering/Fertilizer

We are spending lots of time outside, and I know you all want to have your California and Arizona lawn looking its best!  I’d like to talk about a few weeds that may be starting to appear in your lawn that are perennial problems. Let’s discuss getting down a pre-emergent herbicide on your lawn before all the spring and summer annuals start to show their faces. Weather obviously plays a key role in everything we do concerning turfgrass so it is important to get the timing right.

This has been a mild winter with little rain causing the ground temperature to stay slightly warmer than normal so we will have some early season weed issues. If you are in a cooler part of town and are still getting hit with the occasional frosts I would hold off until the first part of March. These cool areas can get the pre-emergent down as late as the middle of March, while areas such as Phoenix and Palm Desert should be putting one down between now and the end of the month.

Since most homeowners have an overseeded lawn for the winter I want to make it clear that there are two options on a herbicide bag. One is overseeded rates and the other is non-overseeded rates. If you would like to keep your ryegrass make sure that you follow the overseeded rate or it could take a turn for the worse rather quickly. Read the rest of this entry »

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Exterior Improvements To Increase Your California & Arizona Home Value

For the past year, since Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns, home improvement has surged throughout the country, and especially in California. People are spending more and more time in their homes, giving them more motivation to reimagine and upgrade their indoor and outdoor spaces. Many are using this time to improve the curb appeal of their homes – one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve property values. Landscaping updates are an affordable way to increase the value of your California and Arizona home by 5-15% or to just add personality to it, even if you aren’t in the market to sell.

Starting with your grass, it’s important to keep in mind what type of sod is appropriate in relation to the seasonal climates where you live. In Southern California and specifically in desert climates, our California and Arizona sods are the perfect low-maintenance and low cost options. This type of grass is drought resistant in dry weather, making it eco-conscious and environmentally-friendly. If you are selling your home, this type of landscaping will attract buyers who are interested in a natural grass lawn that saves money and conserves water. 

Coordinate your lush natural grass lawn with a variety of plants, shrubs, and trees. Blooming flowers are beautiful and healthy grass will help them – along with your other chosen vegetation – to stay alive and vibrant, enticing buyers to check out your property.

West Coast Turf and Western Sod is the leader in the sod farming industry for over four decades. We provide the best natural turfgrass and sod installation service in the business. Contact us or visit us online for all of your home landscaping needs – our beautiful natural grass can greatly improve your curb appeal!

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