Springtime in this climate makes for the most pleasant time of year. Kids who have been cooped up have the perfect weather to play outside. But is your backyard the perfect kid-friendly playground? We have some easy fixes that will help you create a fun and beautiful outdoor play area for your kids (and for you!)

First and foremost: lay down some NATURAL turf! Nothing beats natural grass from West Coast Turf for playing on. In high temperatures, natural turf doesn’t trap heat the way artificial turf does, providing your kiddos a great place to keep their bare feet cool. Grass provides a soft landing for cartwheels and skids from playing ball. To keep your turf healthy, create a few dirt paths where bicycles can ride without trampling the grass. 

Your Arizona or California backyard can host a variety of sports and hobbies. One that’s fun for the whole family, is gardening. Once you have put down natural grass, you can choose which plants, flowers, herbs, and vegetables you’d like to include. These additions can be visually pleasing as well as edible, depending on what you plant. 

Add outdoor furniture to make it even more comfortable to spend lots of time in your outdoor oasis. Other fun features, like a trampoline, give even more options for outdoor activities. Be mindful with any furniture, trampolines, or grills, that these need to be moved around occasionally so that they don’t kill the grass beneath them and leave unsightly brown spots. Shifting furniture around slightly from time to time will help with the maintenance of your yard.

Include a water feature. In addition to watering your grass, having a water feature adds to a lush feel in your yard and help you cool down in the midday sun. These are just a few ways you can transform your backyard into a wonderful place for you and your kids to spend time. You can use your creativity to make your backyard play area exactly as you (or your kids) want it. 

West Coast Turf can help with all your natural turf needs. Call us or check us out online to learn more about what we can do for you. https://www.westcoastturf.com/

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