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Easy Steps to Buy Arizona Sod

Buy Arizona Sod

Did you know it can be very easy to buy Arizona sod? With nearly 30 years’ experience, West Coast Turf/Western Sod is an industry leader with sod farms throughout Arizona and California. In just a few easy steps, you can have fresh sod delivered to your door. Read the rest of this entry »

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There is Still Time for Arizona Sod Installation

Those of us who live in the unique Arizona climate know the grass-growing drill: in October, the summer bermuda goes dormant, we scalp it, and overseed with ryegrass. Well, now it’s November and what if you haven’t overseeded yet? No worries, because another great benefit of the area is that Arizona sod installation can be successful year-round.

Arizona Sod Installation Read the rest of this entry »

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Fall California and Arizona Lawn Tips!

It appears fall is never going to arrive as we’ve hit 90+ degrees twenty-three days in a row in the Phoenix area. The nighttime temperatures have slowly begun to cool but surprisingly they have yet to fall into the optimum range to overseed. For those who may have thought they were too late to drop seed, you still have a couple weeks to get your lawn going. Most people have already overseeded their lawns so I want to give some tips to assist your ryegrass while your warm season grass continues to grow.

If you overseeded anytime during the month of October I’m sure your lawn looks absolutely beautiful right now. It’s important to keep in mind that some of your grass is probably bermudagrass that bounced back from being scalped. How could this happen you ask? With daytime temperatures in the 90’s and nights in the 70’s it has allowed for an extended growing season. Many people including our sod farms use a turfgrass regulator such as Primo prior to scalping to help keep the bermudagrass in check. While this does help with a lot of the grow back it can’t prevent everything from coming back to life. Now that the ryegrass is up and growing strong it’s also a good time to put down a first or second application of Primo or other growth regulator. These products will greatly increase the density of your ryegrass and keep the bermudagrass from growing back. Why do you want to keep the bermudagrass out? If the bermudagrass is actively growing it is preventing your ryegrass from filling in completely. This is usually first observed after the first frost and the lawn will have small quarter size dormant turf spots throughout the turf. This is not a big deal as the ryegrass will eventually fill it in but something to keep in mind.

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