Revolutionary Turf Removal


Turf Removal


Gone are the days where golf and sports field renovations are a long drawn out process that requires a large team in order to execute the process properly. With new revolutionary turf removal equipment, you’ll no longer need to worry about manually uprooting and removing turf, finding a way to recycle it and then waiting for the soil to recover.

This new process combines the three tedious steps of sod removal into one easy to operate machine. Rather than use a sod-cutter to shave off the top layer of grass, a rototiller to create premium soil and then collect the sod to take it to a recycling service you can now streamline the entire process. At this point, you may be wondering how that’s even possible. Here at West Coast Turf, we’re experts in professional sod and we’re here to tell you that it most definitely is possible.


Q: How Can I easily Remove and Recycle Turf?

A: With the Field TopMaker


The answer to all your questions lies in the Field TopMaker machine! It’s the ideal machine to bring natural turf surfaces into perfect condition and can be used several ways. Whether you need to level, clean, de-thatch, renovate turf areas or harvest sprigs this machine is the one for the job! Manufactured with a series of adjustable blades that can remove up to 5 centimeters above the service and 5 centimeters below. The ability to accurately adjust the machine allows the user to remove weeds and thatch layers or remove the surface completely. The cut material can also be deflected back onto the surface or transferred into built-in conveyors and placed in trailers for off-site removal.

The Benefits of Field TopMaker Turf Removal

This type of machine is Ideal for use on soccer fields, golf courses, polo fields, municipal grass areas and sod farms. The biggest benefit of using the Field TopMaker for your turf is time. A typical soccer field can be removed and cleaned in just one to two days! You can also use this machine to remove any minor bumps on your fields while also removing weeds and thatch at the same time.

Another big advantage to using the Field TopMaker for Turf Removal is water draining ability. This machine will not disturb soil life or stability. It will however allow you to install rolls of turf or plant plugs immediately after stripping the surface. Once complete, field and golf surfaces can be brought back to perfect condition and be ready for use immediately. While newly surfaced fields will be fully rooted after 6 weeks and ready for use thereafter. If you’re ready to experience the perfect solution for the perfect field, contact us today!