summer lawn

Is your Lawn Ready for Summer?

Now that the clouds of winter have parted and Spring has arrived, it’s time to start preparing your lawn for the imminent heat of summer. If you haven’t already started your seasonal spring cleaning, then your lawn is the best place to start. The secret to keeping your lawn lush and green throughout the summer lies in the lawn care techniques you implement now.

Don’t risk the chance of sparse, unhealthy and patchy grass by not taking the simple steps needed to transition your lawn for the summer. Instead take the time to cultivate a resilient lawn that can withstand the effects of the sun and heavy foot traffic by following these steps.

The Summer Lawn Prep Checklist

Step #1 – Set your lawnmower to the highest cut setting and mow the lawn. Be cautious not to remove more than a third of the lawn’s height in one single pass. For a clean look, continue mowing once a week during the spring and twice a week in the summer.

Step #2 – Fertilize appropriately. Be sure to follow fertilizing instructions exactly and continue the same fertilizer program you started in Spring. Avoid over-fertilizing as it contributes to excessive growth and will weaken the root system of the turfgrass.

Step #3Water as needed. A healthy lawn requires about an inch of water a week. Also, be sure to water all areas equally by installing and using a reliable sprinkler system.

Step #4 – Eliminate weeds and insects. You can continue apply post-emergent herbicides as needed.  To avoid injuring the grass itself, apply these herbicides in the morning or late evening. Continue to routinely check for insects and treat as needed.

Bonus Step – You can also aerate your lawn once or twice throughout the summer to ensure that water and nutrients are still reaching the root system efficiently. This is an especially important step for high traffic areas

Following these summer lawn care preparation guidelines will minimize the amount of work you’ll need to do throughout the summer to keep your lawn lush and green. After aerating, fertilizing and fixing damaged areas all that’s left is regular mowing and watering until fall.

Show us your Summer Lawn!

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