I have received lots of emails regarding where you can purchase the “Soil Burst” fertilizers for your  lawn.   We now offer them through our Arizona office and will soon be available online.  We have a few different formulas to choose from and each serves a different purpose.

If you are starting your new lawn from scratch, be sure to use the granular 5-15-10 on your soil before putting in your lawn to help establish a deep root system, as well as get excellent shoot growth out of your turf.

I have spoken often about how with the cold temperatures your ryegrass is not going to respond well to a granular fertilizer and that foliar are the way to go.  We are offering a convenient (2) pack of 1 quart Soil Burst 16-0-4, 7-7-7 and 4-0-6 that hooks up to your hose with an applicator.  These products have the essential building blocks to get your lawn to green up early and stay green throughout the year.

I have mentioned in my past blogs that magnesium, iron and calcium are the catalysts for an early spring green up and for new growth but most fertilizers are very low in these nutrients.  These products were specifically designed with warm season grasses in mind a well as providing proper nutrition to your ryegrass throughout the winter months.

If you have been out to your local country club lately and have noticed the dark black color of the turf right now it is the iron applied to the turf to help hold the heat in the plant.  When you have adequate to high amounts of iron during the spring on your turf you can actually raise the internal temperature and help aid in an early spring green up.

Most homeowners usually think that judicious amounts of nitrogen will help green your lawn up quickly in the spring.  The truth is that it is too early to apply right now and if you use a large amount of nitrogen you risk getting quick growth, using your carbohydrate reserve and then if we get cold again your grass has no reserves left to pull from.  Wait on applying the ammonium sulfate till the end of April or as soil temperatures get closer to 64 degrees.

Most iron products are detrimental to your sidewalks and driveways, but these foliar products have been designed with that in mind and they are all non staining products.  If you have a paspalum lawn or are looking for a good organic granular in the next coming weeks for your bermudagrass lawn try the 5-10-15 (9) pound shake container.  This is an excellent starter fertilizer and great to use throughout the year any grass especially paspalum because of the slow release nitrogen.  The nice part with these fertilizers is that they are safe for flowers, trees, and any plants you may have.  The product information is below.  Take a look to see how they might be able to benefit you.

Soil Burst is specially formulated to provide delivery of critical and important nutrients as a pre-plant and throughout the season to promote microbial active soils. The product is formulated for commercial mechanical application.

  • Perfect pre-plant
  • Promotes strong roots & disease resistance
  • Revitalize soil structure
  • Natural source of essential ntrients
  • Ready-to-use formulation
  • Use on lawns, flowers, vegetables, trees & shrubs
  • Delivered to your door with your sod order
  • 9 lb. container with easy application lid
  • 9-18 lbs. covers 1000 sq. ft.
  • Perfect for your plants, shrubs, trees, and flowers, too


A foundation of carbon-based, biologically enhanced granules that are slow-release to feed beneficial soil mi-crones. The end result is plants that have balanced and sustained nutrition for stronger roots and robust plant with enhanced immune system.

Soil Burst incorporates selective microbiology and microbial enhancement agent into the fertilizer. The species of microbes used are selected for their production of “natural chelating agents” which facilitate the availability of P, K, Ca and other micronutrients. Soil Burst with its antagonism towards plant pathogens helps create a natural suppressive soil. Soil Burst with its controlled release nature of delivered nutrient buffers potential toxicity to sensitive plants, making it applicable to a broad spectrum of plant species.

Soil Burst Features & Benefits

  • Slow-Release nutrition for quick plant, establishment and long lasting vibrant green color.
  • Promotes quick germination and root development for hearty establishment
  • Plant available balanced nutrition – utilizing key micronutrients & essential minerals
  • Ideal for turfgrass and new sod
  • Ideal for turfgrass overseeding
  • Ideal for landscape plants
  • Improved soil structure
  • Create a soil habitat for beneficial organisms
  • Microbes promote the natural life cycle of soil
  • Improved water efficiency & conservation
  • Enhanced immune system & reduce disease impact
  • Increase stress tolerance – heat, disease & salt
  • Prepares turf for dormant season
  • Used on landscapes, sod farms, athletic and golf turf

For more information, or to purchase Soil Burst please call 888-893-8873.

 Old Pueblo 50 Mile Run

As I said last week this is a going to be my toughest run to date.  This Saturday I will attempt to run 50 miles through the Santa Rita Mountains.  I am feeling prepared after a long weekend of climbing the McDowell Mountains and South Mountain, but I have to say the nerves are still out there.  This is my first chance at one of the coveted belt buckles of Ultra Running so all I can do now is wait and hope the training has paid off.  I will give everyone an update next week of my venture and hopefully my sanity is back by the middle of next week and I can post a race report.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Just hit the “Ask Jay” button to the top right of the page.