early spring lawn care tips

Spring has finally sprung! Is your lawn ready for the change in weather? Whether you’re the type of homeowner who lets their grass go dormant in the winter or the type who keeps their lawn green year-round, you’ll certainly want some important early Spring lawn care tips.

That’s because Spring is the most important time of the year when it comes to proper lawn care. So, put on your gardening gloves, now is the time to prep your lawn for warmer weather. Lucky for you, our sod experts have all the aeration, fertilizing, and watering tips you need to keep your Arizona lawn healthy and green all summer long.

Transitioning Your Lawn

If you’re among the large group of Arizona homeowners who choose to have a green lawn all year long by planting rye grass in the fall and Bermuda grass in the spring, then the type of transition you’re preparing for is quite different. To properly prepare, follow Jay’s outline for transitioning your lawn for Spring.

Bringing Your Arizona Lawn out of Winter Dormancy

If you’re among the group of Arizona homeowners who chooses to let their lawn go dormant in the winter, then follow these tips for ensuring your lawn properly re-greens again this spring.

Begin the process by aerating the lawn. Over the winter, soil is likely to have compacted beneath the thatch. This, in turn prevents your lawn from absorbing the nutrients it needs to grow strong and green. Thinning the soil with a core aerator will allow water, oxygen and see to easily penetrate the area.

Once the grass begins to turn green, you’ll want to apply a layer of nitrogen fertilizer to boost its coloring. Also, continue to mow the grass as needed, and be mindful of overwatering. Most Arizona grasses are drought-resistant so they don’t need as much water as other grasses. During the spring, a 20 to 30-minute watering session once a week should do the trick.

Keep in mind, that the change in weather also brings out new insects and bugs that could cause problems for your lawn if not properly managed. Use pesticides as necessary and remove weeds from the root as soon as they appear.

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