Bermuda and Seashore Paspalum

What’s the Difference Between Bermuda and Seashore Paspalum?

This is a common question that our Arizona sod professionals are asked by customers and business owners alike. When deciding to re-sod your lawn, it’s important to research all the different varieties of sod available. If you know that a warm season grass is best, then you’re most likely trying to decide between a bermuda grass or Seashore Paspalum.

When comparing similarities of these two warm-season grasses one thing is for sure: they both thrive in warm climates. This means that both grasses are water friendly, can withstand drought conditions and are durable under heavy foot traffic. Also, remember that these types of warm season grasses go dormant during the winter and will require overseeding to maintain year-round coloring.

Drought Tolerant Bermudagrass Sod

Within the bermudagrass sod family there are a variety of species. All of which are drought tolerant, but also specializing in their own strengths depending on the type of lawn you’re looking to create. For instance, if functionality is important and your lawn experiences heavy foot traffic then Bull’s-Eye Bermuda is a great solution.

If you’re looking for a beautiful dark green coloring, then a variation of Tifway will be a perfect fit. For a more fine texture, you’ll want to look at Tifway 419, but if you want lush green grass that’s also highly durable then consider installing Tifway II.

Drought Tolerant Seashore Paspalum Sod

Seashore Paspalum is an excellent turf choice for homeowners. One of the hottest new types of Seashore Paspalum—Platinum TE–is taking over lawns throughout California by storm. Paspalum is the ultimate choice for water savings, so if you are looking to find that “perfect grass,” paspalum could be right for you!  It has a short winter dormancy period, so if you decide to forgo overseeding, you won’t have a brown lawn for long.  You can also paint your lawn with our Endurant Turf Colorant if you decide you do want that beautiful green all winter. Paspalum is a full sun grass and should not be used in shade.

Buying Sod Online

Whichever type of warm season grass you decide on, the company you buy it from it what really matters. If you’re looking to purchase sod online from a reliable dealer, then West Coast Turf is the vendor you need. Recognized as an industry leader, we have 27 years of service under our belt. We proudly offer more than 30 different types of turfgrass varieties and professional installation couple with outstanding customer service from start to finish.