warm season grass

Choosing A Warm Season Grass

If you live anywhere where temperatures easily soar into the 90s during the summer, then chances are you’re looking for a drought tolerant warm-season sod grass for your lawn. Characterized by their innate ability to thrive in warm temperatures with little water, warm season grass is the key to keeping your lawn green. (Even if you live in the desert.)

When you’re deciding which warm-season grass is right for your lawn, there are a few additional things you should keep in mind besides the climate. Before you choose the type of grass you should know: your budget, the level of maintenance you’re willing to perform, the kind of texture you’re looking for and the functionality of the area where you’ll be installing the turfgrass.

Types of Warm Season Grass

Some warm-season grasses that are most commonly used for lawns include: Bahiagrass, Bermuda, Centiped, St. Augustine and Zysiagrass. Although the two main types of warm season grass are Bermuda and Seashore Paspalum. Within these two species there are a variation of hybrids within each that both look and grow differently.

For instance, there are many different Bermuda hybrids none of which look the same but all grow well in warm temperatures. Tifgreen for example is a type of Bermuda hybrid that has a dense growth habit and is drought tolerant, making it one of the most versatile hybrid Bermudas available. Tifway, on the other hand, is another Bermuda hybrid. It features great durability, a beautiful dark-green color and has fast recuperation times which allows it to withstand heavily trafficked lawns.

However, if you’re looking for the newest most eco-friendly turf grass available on the sod market, then none of these Bermuda hybrids are for you. California’s newest environmentally friendly grass technology is a strain of platinum paspalum, and it’s nothing like the other warm season grass available. With this hybrid, the less you water and less you fertilize the greener the grass becomes. This saves you both time and money while also giving you a super green lawn.

Where to Buy Sod Online

With so many different options, the decision to choose the right sod can become overwhelming. That’s where the turf pros at West Coast Turf can help. Our online sod shop has the explanation, description and details about all our available warm-season grasses. We’re also available via phone or email to help walk you through the process and assist you in choosing the sod that perfectly fits both your climate and your budget.