Organic Fertilizers

Going organic seems to be the trend lately. So, why not take this trend to your lawn by using organic fertilizers on your Arizona sod? It’s easier than you may think.

Organic lawn fertilizers are extremely beneficial to both your soil and the environment. They’re also very effective at providing the necessary nutrients your grass needs. When used regularly, organic fertilizers improve overall soil structure while encouraging the presence of soil microbes and fungi that work to attack pests and potential diseases. Proper maintenance practices, like aeration and mowing, along with the use of organic fertilizer can make your lawn less labor and water intensive in the long run.

With so many different brands and versions of organic fertilizer on the market, choosing the right one for your lawn may seem difficult but don’t let that stop you from make the change. To help make your decision easier, the sod experts at West Coast Turf have compiled a list of the best organic fertilizers for sod lawns.

The Top 4 Best Organic Fertilizers for Arizona Sod

  1. Earth Super Natural Organic Lawn Fertilizer
  2. Bio-Turf All Natural Fertilizer
  3. Lawn Restore Fertilizer
  4. Happy Frog Premium Lawn Fertilizer

There are also some other organic fertilizer products you can use to keep your sod lawn vibrantly green in between fertilizer applications. We recommend Dr. Earth Super Natural Lawn Food, a quick release concentrate that strengthens soil and thickens turf. Or for just a few dollars more you could invest in the best kept secret in fertilizing products, Microp Organic Soil Builder. This all-natural fertilizer is popular among many golf course groundskeepers because it eliminates fading between applications and reduces soil compaction.

Things to think about when choosing the organic fertilizer that’s best for your Arizona sod lawn:

– If you do decide to use organic fertilizer on Arizona sod, make sure it’s certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) to insure it’s guaranteed organic quality.

– Be sure to follow label directions carefully, especially when they apply to application amounts to avoid the possibility of over-fertilizing which does more harm than good.

– Keep in mind that many organic fertilizers contain nitrogen, which helps with the natural coloring of your lawn but can be dangerous in large amounts. Since It’s a fast-acting gas, it will instantly add color, but weakens grass in the long run which can make it more susceptible to pests and disease.

Still wondering which organic fertilizer is the best for your lawn? Ask Mr. Wise Grass!