When planning your Arizona lawn care, West Coast Turf is the best place for your Arizona sod choices. We have a variety of grasses that thrive in the Arizona climate, and when you choose mature Arizona sod, you’ll enjoy a rich, green lawn almost immediately. No waiting for seed to pop or extensive periods of avoiding trampling “young” grass. Once you install and establish your Arizona sod, maintenance is quite relaxed and easy.

Arizona Sod Products

Arizona is fortunate to have gorgeous weather year-round. Warm season grasses such as bermuda and paspalum are used in the Arizona desert, but will go dormant come fall and will require overseeding should you require winter color. Overseededed sod is available mid-October.

We recommend these varieties of sod:

These sod varieties provide rich color, medium to fine texture, and all are hearty and stand up to heavy traffic and use. Talk with our experts at West Coast Turf and we’ll help you determine the best Arizona sod for your area and needs.

Best Time for Arizona Sod Installation

One of the benefits of choosing sod over seeding, is that it can be installed any time of the year. The most important part of laying sod is the preparation. Of course, your irrigation system must be ready and tested before installing your fresh turf. For best results, follow our Arizona Sod Installation Guide; here are some of the most important points to consider:

  1. Carefully measure your area and work with a West Coast Turf representative to determine how much sod you will need.
  2. Be sure to schedule your delivery for soon after your soil preparation. Prompt installation makes a significant difference for a strong beginning for your Arizona lawn.
  3. Rake and smooth the soil, removing rocks, roots, and large clods and add in necessary fertilizer and other amendments to prepare the soil. Again, a West Coast Turf representative can help you with determine how to best prepare your soil.
  4. For best results, begin your sod installation immediately upon delivery, and start irrigating right away. Turf is a living plant that requires ground contact and moisture to survive.

Arizona Sod Maintenance Tips

Immediately after your sod installation, your grass will require a bit of extra care, but after it is established, you’ll find that your Arizona sod maintenance is quite easy. However, the first few weeks after you install your turf are crucial. Follow these Arizona Sod Maintenance Tips:

  1. Within 1/2 hour of its installation, give the freshly applied sod at least 1 inch of water.
  2. For the first ten days, it’s crucial that you water the new sod three times per day, during daylight
  3. After 10 days, you can water it two times a week if the weather isn’t too hot.
  4. Mow your new turf as soon as sod is rooted.
  5. A proper fertilization program is essential for strong Arizona sod maintenance. Our Soil Burst™ has the essential micro nutrients your grass and soil will need.
  6. The right irrigation schedule and technique can help ensure deep root growth. Your ongoing watering schedule and Arizona lawn care will depend on soil type and drainage.

West Coast Turf for Arizona Sod

Choosing Arizona Sod for your yard is a sound investment. With hearty and lush varieties, and relatively easy sod installation, you will have a lush and beautiful lawn with easy care and maintenance. West Coast Turf is recognized as an industry leader, with the aim of providing the best sod and service in the business. And, did you know that you can order Arizona sod online? We often have online discounts, so check out our website or call our team for personal help with your Arizona sod choices: 888-893-TURF.