Those of us who live in the unique Arizona climate know the grass-growing drill: in October, the summer bermuda goes dormant, we scalp it, and overseed with ryegrass. Well, now it’s November and what if you haven’t overseeded yet? No worries, because another great benefit of the area is that Arizona sod installation can be successful year-round.

Arizona Sod Installation

Benefits of Arizona Sod Installation

Choosing sod over starting from seed has some definite benefits. Installing sod is the fasting way to have a full, green lawn instantly that is generally ready for “wear and tear” much faster than lawns that were seeded. Planting seeds is more prone to erosion and uses more water than installing sod. At West Coast Turf, our hearty and mature turfgrass comes to you freshly harvested daily from our Arizona sod farms.

How-To for Arizona Sod Installation

Planning for sod installation isn’t difficult when you work with West Coast Turf. Our experts are available to help with all your questions and we provide an easy to follow Sod Installation & Care Guides.

  1. Measuring for sod is your first step and it’s helpful to sketch a drawing of your lawn area and include length, width and any unusual features to help you determine how much sod you will need.
  2. Soil preparation is extremely important to ensure a healthy and hearty lawn. You’ll need to rototill or spade the area to a depth of 4 to 6 inches and rake and remove any rocks or other debris. Give us a call and we can recommend fertilizers or other additives for your specific area and soil type. Be sure your soil is fully prepped before sod delivery. In extra warm weather, be sure to keep unlaid turf in the shade or covered with moist burlap sacks.
  3. Sod installation should be completed the same day as delivery for the best results. It’s best to begin your turf installation along a straight line such as your driveway or sidewalk. Push edges together tightly, but avoid overlaps or gaps. Stagger strips in brick-like fashion and avoid small strips on outermost areas. Be sure to begin watering your new lawn within 30 minutes of installation.

Watering and Arizona Sod Maintenance

Establishing and maintaining your new sod is relatively easy and probably requires less water than you think. The goal of our sod watering schedule is to create deep roots for a hearty, drought tolerant lawn. Your first couple of weeks will keep the sod constantly moist, but then you’ll start an “on and off” routine; you’ll give the new grass a good amount of water one day, then wait a couple of days to let those roots reach down farther in the soil. Once your sod is fully established, you may decrease watering even more.

West Coast Turf for Arizona Sod

With more than 30 years of experience with sod and turfgrass in desert climates, West Coast Turf is a national leader in the industry. We offer more than 30 varieties of sod and customer service is our highest priority. If you are wondering if Arizona sod installation is an option for your home, contact us at 888-893-TURF (8873) or order sod online at