watering sod

Water Wisely

Everyone wants a lush, green lawn! But not everyone knows the proper maintenance procedures to follow to achieve such a look. One of the biggest factors in keeping your lawn healthy and green is water. Luckily, our sod and lawn care experts have the exact tips you need for watering sod wisely!

Before we begin, keep in mind that the amount of water you should give your lawn depends on the age of your sod. You would not water new sod the same way in which you water established turfgrass. Also, we’d like to remind you that the type of sod you’ve installed in your lawn will determine the type of watering schedule to abide by.

For instance, warm season and cool season turf grasses need different amounts of sunlight and water to grow and thus need to be tended to differently. However, there are still some general tips and guidelines for watering that all lawn owners should follow.

Tips for Watering Sod

– Avoid watering sod by hand to ensure uniform irrigation

– Water between 6 am and 8 am

– Pay attention to corners and edges as they are usually missed by regular irrigation systems

– Check the moisture of the soil frequently to make sure it pushes in easily and is moist among the first 3-4 inches

Avoid Over Watering Sod

Contrary to popular belief, the less you water, the better. At max, you should water your lawn twice a week. Specifically, clay soils should be watered once a week and sandy soils every three days. Soaking your sod, watering at the wrong time and watering for too long can encourage the growth of numerous diseases. Many of these diseases, could kill your lawn altogether. So, water sparingly!

Sod Expert Tip: You’ll know when your turfgrass is dry when the leaves curl and have a needle-like appearance. When this occurs, water immediately.

Avoid stressing your grass, and water it as needed to keep it from getting dry. Be sure to commit to a watering schedule that keeps your grass from shifting in and out of a dormant state. Also, remember that watering is just one factor of lawn care! Proper mowing and fertilization techniques are equally as important to follow.

Watering Questions

Still have questions? Consult our Watering Guidelines document.