Well it’s Thanksgiving week.  As is usually the case we saw a little bit of frost in the outlining areas this morning and it appears we may get a couple more light frosts later in the week.  When we start to get frost you will notice that your beautiful ryegrass might be losing some of that new grass color.  The best thing you can do before we get some of the harder frosts is to apply a fertilizer such as calcium nitrate 15.5-0-0, 15-15-15 or if even a slow release dark pelletized product such as Soil Burst or Milorganite. 

The Soil Burst and Milorganite will keep the heat in the lawn and give you slow release nitrogen to get you about 6 weeks.  The calcium nitrate will be taken up by the plant in 4-7 days and will give your lawn that extra kick it needs before we get too cold.  Once we start to receive consistent frost I highly suggest making the switch over to foliar feeding fertilizer products such as our seasonal booster 7-7-7, or our Soil Burst with iron and calcium products.  I will go into more detail about these products in the next couple weeks as the weather starts to cool off.

As we move into winter and get some timely rain events it is even more critical than ever to watch how much water you are putting out.  If you have a fully established ryegrass lawn for the winter there is no reason to water more than 3 times per week.  You realistically only need to water twice per week for about 20 minutes per cycle depending on your sprinklers.  Make sure after you water that you can stick a screwdriver in the ground 6-8 inches and if you can then you have ran plenty of water.  Don’t just set your clock and walk away from it for the winter.  It is best to keep an eye on the weather and try and utilize the rain, and cooler nights to prolong irrigation cycles.  You will find that you can go a couple weeks at a time without watering if you are paying attention to the weather patterns and we get some rain.  If you are letting your lawn go dormant for the winter there is no need to water more than 1x per week right now for 20-25 minutes and after it is completely dormant you can water once every 28 days to conserve water.  If we get rain showers during that time period and there is adequate moisture in the ground, leave it off until necessary.

Enjoy the holiday weekend and I will go into more fertilizer detail next week as the winter season approaches.

College Football Rivalry Week 

If you were expecting me do anything besides break down the Michigan @ Ohio State game this weekend then I will apologize now. 

We all know that every college football season comes down to the rivalry game and Michigan vs. Ohio State is the biggest and most important game of each college football season regardless if the Wolverines are relevant in the college football world.  For the second week in a row I find myself wondering if I just root for the loss so they come and play in the Insight Bowl in Tempe.  Part of me says yes, but the competitor in me says get the monkey off Rich Rod’s back and show Terrell Pryor he has nowhere near the athletic talent that Denard Robinson has.  While Michigan has to get on that bus and head south to the “Shoe” I think they actually go in there and stop the losing streak and take OSU out of BCS contention. 

Ohio State ranks in the top 10 in all defensive categories, but they have not faced a dual threat like Denard Robinson and he is due for another breakout game like he has had some many times this season.  If the Heisman committee decides not to at least send him to New York for the trophy presentation, I hope they can tell me who has done more for a team than a QB that has already rushed for over 1500 yards and has thrown for 2300 yards.  He became the first QB ever in the history of college football to rush for 1500 yards in a single season and he hasn’t even got to beat down the Buckeyes yet.  Many of you may see this as me betting with my heart, but my money is on Michigan to win outright 27-21.  Now here are my picks of the week.

The Iron Bowl

Auburn + 3 @ Alabama – if you are asking yourself why the #10 team is a 3 point favorite, it is called defense.  Auburn has not faced anything like Bama yet this season and Nick Saban has had 12 weeks to prepare for the soon to be ineligible cam Newton.  I see Alabama shutting down Newton’s running lanes and getting his rhythm messed up early in the game.  Take the tide to roll 27-14.

Colorado +24 @ Nebraska – Well Nebraska you have managed to let another season get away from you with that outstanding 9-6 loss last weekend versus the Aggies but all hope is not lost.  After all the day after Thanksgiving is the annual massacre of the Buffalo’s and this season will be no different.  Find a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on TV instead of this game because it will be ugly early.  Huskers dominate from the opening kickoff that they run back for 6 points, 43-12.

Notre Dame +4 @ USC – Trojan players have nothing to play for, and Trojan fan won’t bother to show up for this game because they are a fair weathered sports town just like Phoenix.  USC looked horrendous last week versus OSU and ND is inspired by an outside chance at a garbage December bowl game.  USC not only doesn’t cover the spread, they lose outright on the field 27-17.

Arizona +20 @ Oregon – I don’t have much to say except everybody knows what is going to happen at Autzen Stadium this weekend and it isn’t going to be pretty.  The Ducks have played some uninspired ball lately but this week is show time.  They know they are number one and the only way to keep that spot is to put on a show.  Look for the Ducks to put all kinds of style points on the board winning 53-20.  Take the Ducks and don’t fear the big point spread.

Have a great Thanksgiving and GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!