Which California Sod is Best?


California Sod

Unfortunately, every grass expert will have a different answer to such a loaded question. With so many different varieties of warm season turfgrasses available, choosing the one that’s the best fit for your lawn may be easier said than done. The best way to decide which California Sod variety is the right choice for lawn is through a bit of research.

When reading through the large varieties of warm-season grasses, consider how much time you want to invest in maintaining your lawn and what type of durability it’ll need to have. Once you know the answer to those two main questions, choosing the right California Sod type will become a lot easier. To help you with the process, we’ve included some information about some of the most popular California Sod varieties available.

Popular California Sod Varieties



There are 6 different types of bermudagrass hybrids. Including: Bandera Bermuda, Tifgreen 328, Santa Ana, Tifway 419, Tifway II, Tift 94 and Bull’s-Eye Bermuda. Each one is a bit different, but overall bermudagrass is considered the best warm-season grass for California residents. Some of its attributes include high traffic tolerance, fast bounce back rate and high salt tolerance.

Seashore Paspalum

This type of California Sod is similar to bermuda, but is more ideal for coastal regions. It also boasts a shorter dormancy period, staying green for nine months or longer. Unlike most turfgrasses, you can plant Seashore Paspalum in areas where there is a high salt content and clay soil and still reap a luscious green lawn. It does however require more water than bermudagrass.

St. Augustine

Ideal for a heavily shaded California lawn, St. Augustine has an extremely high shade tolerance in comparison to Seashore Paspalum and bermudagrass. It also has the ability to recuperate quickly and with minimal long term damage. Perfect for any pet friendly home that gets a lot of foot traffic. The biggest difference with this California Sod variety is the texture of the turfgrass as it has wider leaf blades than other varieties.

Buying California Sod Online

If you’re looking to create a beautiful lawn  with California Sod, the quality of your turfgrass matters. As a top of the line sod distributor, our warm season grass variations are healthy and ready to install. With easy online ordering and expert customer service available, we’ll help you order, install and start enjoying your new lawn before the summer’s over.