Winter Sod Installation

Ideally the best time to lay sod is from April to October, but sometimes waiting until those months simply isn’t an option. If you find yourself in this position, don’t panic. Although laying California sod in the winter is not ideal, it’s still possible and can have some advantages when done with care.

The biggest challenge you’ll face when laying California sod during the dormant season is determining the health of the new sod. Warm-season grasses tend to turn brown when dormant, which can make it hard to determine health as it’s difficult to know for sure if the sod is brown because it’s dormant or brown because it’s dead. The easiest way to tackle this challenge is to purchase your sod through a reliable source, like West Coast Turf.

Purchasing your sod through a professional sod farm, and having it laid by our team of sod professionals, will guarantee that the California sod you buy will be sure to grow and green into its full potential by spring. However, if you plan on laying the sod yourself, our experts have compiled a list of tips for laying and caring for your lawn during the dormant season.

Tips for Laying and Caring for California Sod in the Winter:

  1. Lightly till and grate the area being sodded to remove all trash, rocks and weeds from the sod bed
  2. Test your soil’s pH before laying the sod to see if any lime or sulfur needs to be added to balance the pH levels
  3. Lay California sod pieces tightly together and arrange them in rows across the slope that are staggered to create pattern that looks like a brick wall
  4. After you lay the sod, use a lawn roller to press out air pockets and reduce root loss
  5. Remember: Don’t fertilize, over-see or apply herbicides to dormant sod
  6. Water the newly laid California sod every 7 to 10 days without rain
  7. Minimize foot traffic on the lawn until at least one month after it fully greens (usually in May)

Following these tips and care guidelines will ultimately help you reap the benefits of sodding in the winter. By taking advantage of the wet winter we’re having you’ll also be able to save money on your water bill in the long run and enjoy a green lawn in the coming months.

If you’re looking to get a jump start on establishing a new lawn with California sod, then now is the time to lay it to allow for some extra time to properly root before the summer heat hits. Contact the pros at West Coast Turf and keep it real with sod this year.