lawn green

No one likes a brown lawn! Are you taking the necessary steps to keep your lawn green year-round?

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as simply laying new sod, watering it and hoping for the best. Proper sod care and maintenance requires a year-round commitment to your lawn. Lucky for you, our sod experts have compiled a seasonal guide to provide you with some easy steps you can take throughout the year to ensure your sod stays healthy and green even in the harshest weather.

Tips for Keeping Your Lawn Green


In Spring –

Spring is the season when your lawn needs the most TLC. It’s also an ideal time to lay new sod, specifically in the early spring as the soil is usually more workable. Be sure to encourage growth during this time too by feeding your lawn nitrogen and only watering occasionally towards the end of spring.

Pro Tip: Cut the grass regularly, once a week and make sure that the mower set at one inch for the first few cuts.

In Summer –

With weather temperatures on the rise, Summer is the time when your lawn enters its peak for stress. To help keep your lawn green in even the hottest of weather, be sure to water it with an irrigation system in the early hours of the morning, ideally between 4 and 10 a.m. Continue to mow your lawn weekly as well and remove weeds promptly as they appear.

Pro Tip: Avoid fertilizing, aerating and scarifying in extremely dry or hot weather as it will scorch and damage the sod.

In Fall –

After summer’s over, you’ll need all the time in Fall to perform necessary renovations and ensure that your grass survives the cold of winter. Now is the time to over-seed and feed your sod. Fall feeds are usually heavy in potassium and a good quality top-dressing should be spread evenly into the holes created by aerating for maximum results. Also, be sure to scarify in two directions with the second time going deeper than the first to thoroughly remove thatch.

Pro Tip: You can add shredded fallen leaves and removed thatch to the compost to provide extra nutrients for your lawn.

In Winter –

Winter is a relatively low maintenance month for your lawn as most sod goes dormant in cold weather. To help protect it from the cold, try to avoid walking on grass as much as possible, especially during icy periods as this can kill the grass completely. Also, remove any remaining leaves as possible since they block out light and can kill the grass trapped underneath.

Pro Tip: When the weather is mild, begin digging up areas that will be laid with new sod in preparation for the spring.

Still have questions about how you can keep your Arizona sod green year-round? Ask Jay!