While we are still topping out at 100 degrees during the day the night time temperatures are getting close to overseeding range. Ideally you would wait until the night time temperatures drop into the 60’s consistently, but I know many of you are getting anxious and want to get started. I put together a new video today on how to overseed so take a look and then get your BOBSeed and get ready to overseed.

Overseed just like our sod farms by Mr. Wisegrass

1. You will want to rent a verticut and set it at the 1/2 to ¾ depth. Take out the thatch and dead material until you are left with approximately ½” of thatch.

2. Next you will lower your mowing height one setting and scalp down the leaf tissue. You are not trying to scalp the grass down to the ground because this will result in a poor stand of grass for next year. You will drop the height one more setting so you are just below your mowing height from a week ago and get a second scalp on the lawn to clean it up.

3. When the lawn has been cleaned up and the yard is clear, it is time to add your starter fertilizer. I recommend using a Soil Burst 5-15-10.

4. Get your BOBSeed perennial rye seed out and have your spreader calibrated to drop 8-10 pounds of seed per 1000 SF. You will start with the perimeter of the lawn and drop the seed at a ½ rate two directions.

5. Turn on your water for 3-4 cycles per day for 5-7 minutes.

6. At the 10-14 day mark apply your second fertilizer. I like to use a balanced fertilizer that will help keep the grass growing and the root system developing such as Soil Burst 16-0-4. After three weeks apply the 7-7-7 to give the lawn a push.

7. You may be able to mow your grass before the second fertilizer application but if not, you will do it a couple days after it has worked itself into the soil.

8. At the 4 week mark apply your forth fertilizer application which is the 4-0-6. You want to do this before we receive our first frost which is generally right around Thanksgiving.

9. You should be mowing 1-2 times per week after the lawn is established and gradually taking it to your desired mowing heights

10. Fertilize with a root based fertilizer such as Soil Burst 4-0-6 in mid November.