As we approach the colder months of the year you may notice that your ryegrass is starting to turn a little brown in color and lose some of that new “bright green” color. If you followed my previous recommendations about getting the grass healthy before we start to get consistent frosts, then you’ll be a couple steps ahead of everyone else right now–you will be in the clear for the next month or so. As the soil temperatures start to decrease and the nights get colder, the granular fertilizers start to become less and less efficient. Since our granular fertilizers do not work as well during the cooler months it’s time to switch to foliar feeding your lawn.

Foliar feeding your lawn is a simple way to get that “golf course green” look for very little cost. Let me go over some of the best products that you can apply during the winter months and these can even be used throughout the year.

1. 7-7-7 Seasonal Booster – This is a well balanced fertilizer that provides the perfect amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and iron for your monthly application. Each bottle contains enough product to treat a 1000 sq. ft. lawn, and they’re simple to use. The container attaches to your garden hose just like you use to fertilizer flowers. This can be purchased from West Coast Turf by calling our office at 888/893-8873 and getting two bottles and the attachments for $19.95.

2. Iron – You can buy several different types of foliar iron products out there but some of the best are the Seasonal Booster, Ironite and Ferrous Sulfate. Ferrous Sulfate is purchased in a granular form and must be mixed with water and sprayed onto your lawn. Be careful with both of these products as they will stain your concrete, valve boxes, or anything else they come into contact with. You will mix and apply the ferrous sulfate at a rate of .5-1.0 pounds per 1000 sq. ft. and mix with water. The tricky part with this is making sure your sprayer is working properly to get the same amount of fertilizer spread evenly. These two products can range from $15.95 and up. It will depend on the location that you get them and generally each bottle of ironite will cover 1000 sq. ft., but keep in mind that you are only getting iron from these products and you will need to apply a second fertilizer to get your nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The ferrous sulfate is available in a 50 lb. bag, and the price will vary depending on the quantity.

3. K Power (13.75-0-46, Potassium Nitrate)– This is another water soluble product that can be tank mixed with ferrous sulfate to green your lawn in a hurry. It is all quick release nitrogen so you will need to apply it every few weeks throughout the winter. You can mix the K power at a rate of .5-1.5 lbs. of product per 1000 sq. ft. of lawn. This will run around $25-30 per 50 lb. bag, but remember it needs to be mixed well with water and sprayed on with a hand sprayer.

The “Seasonal Booster” is the easiest method for applying your foliar applications throughout the winter and it contains all the nutrients you need to have a healthy lawn. If you have the equipment and the time to tank mix the K Power and Ferrous Sulfate you will also see excellent results, but you’ll need to stay on top of your lawn to keep that color, as the nitrogen is released very quickly. If you have any questions let me know!



PS… is my lawn today 2 days after I applied the “Seasonal Booster.”