Drought Resistant Lawn

Hope all you California and Arizona residents stayed dry from all the rain these last few weeks. The good news is, it looks like we’re finally going to get a break from the rain (for now, at least). However, we still have some time before Spring arrives. So, soak up the wet winter weather while you still can, because it won’t last forever.

Also, keep in mind that despite all this recent rain, and improved drought conditions in California water conservation is still necessary. According to The Highlander, nearly 60% of California is still in a drought. This includes the large desert areas of Southern California like Riverside, the Coachella Valley and Palm Desert, to name a few.

Since it doesn’t look like the water conservation mandates are going to end anytime soon, the turf experts at West Coast Turf want to know: Is your lawn drought resistant? If you answered no, don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Our experts have compiled a list of the best types of Arizona and California Sod that create a drought resistant lawn. See which ones made our list, and are also readily available to buy online from the sod shop.

The Best Types of Arizona and California Sod for a Drought Resistant Lawn:

  • Platinum TE Paspalum – Our newest grass technology for Arizona, this turfgrass stays green while using less water and less fertilizer to put more money in your pocket. It’s the ultimate in drought resistant lawn creation.
  • E-Z Turf – Nicknamed “the lazy man’s grass” for a reason. This grass is easy to mow, water and maintain. It’s Arizona’s favorite low maintenance grass and its drought resistant too!
  • Santa Ana Turfgrass – This grass has increased in areas stressed by water cutbacks recently because of its drought resistant capabilities. It grows well under high temperatures and is highly responsive to heat making it perform well in warm season locations. Perfect for any Southern California lawn.
  • Tift 94 – Certified in California for genetic purity, this highly pest resistant and superior drought tolerant grass thrives in warm to hot climates. It also has a better cold tolerance than Tifway 419 and stays greener longer.

For most people living in warmer areas who are looking to keep their yard green and their water bill low, sod is the best option. Specifically, bermudagrass and its hybrids are all viable options as they are drought tolerant warm season turf grasses that grow well in full sun areas and high temperatures. The type of bermuda hybrid you choose will ultimately depend on the type of foot traffic, upkeep and versatility you’re looking to have with your lawn.

At West Coast Turf, we provide a wide variety of California and Arizona sod options to make deciding which turf to use in your lawn a quick and easy process. Contact us today or visit our sod shop for more help, and please remember to continuing conserving water!