The summer months of July through September can wreak havoc on your grass in high heat and humidity. If you see silver dollar size brown patches that occur in otherwise healthy lawns, the main cause is keeping the leaf surface continuously wet with daily waterings. Patches can run together forming larger patches that lose their circular shape. Grass dies back from the tip and fine white threads of fungus can be found on the patches in the early morning hours when the leaf surface is wet.

To minimize chances of disease, here are 5 things you can do:

  • Add Fertilizer: Low levels of fertility promote Dollar Spot; however, avoid applying high rates of Nitrogen, particularly in late spring and summer

  • Watering: Water during early AM hours to allow grass leaves all day to dry off

  • Don’t over-water: Avoid frequent irrigation that keeps the leaf blades wet and that results in water-logged/compacted soils

  • Let it grow: Mow at the upper end of recommended mowing heights (but not above recommended mowing heights)

  • Don’t compact: Avoid wet compacted soils

If you suspect your lawn has a deeper issue, you can spray on a fungicide labeled for Dollar Spot. Repeat every 10 days until symptoms are gone… ALWAYS READ & FOLLOW LABELED DIRECTIONS.

You’re in luck if you have West Coast Turf’s exclusive West Coaster sod, as patchy discolored grass is less common and it makes for the ultimate lawn for coastal and cooler climates. West Coast Turf’s special blends of fescue are the best performing in the industry.

Cool season grasses thrive in climates with more annual rainfall and cooler year round temperatures.  This includes coastal areas of California and high elevation mountainous areas with cooler temperatures.  Cool season grasses are not suitable for hot desert climates. West Coast Turf grows the highest quality cool season grasses such as our unique West Coaster Tall Fescue which is our professional blend of fescue and other seed to avoid disease and keep a happy, healthy, and resilient lawn for your home.

West Coaster Tall Fescue is uniquely selected to avoid disease and performs well with light traffic, making it the perfect lawn for your home. However, if you do experience any spots, you can patch it with our West Coaster Seed.

Now you, too, can use the same seed we use to grow our popular West Coaster tall fescue sod for your own home use!  Use our new 10 lb bag of seed to “sweeten up” or patch repair your West Coaster established sod lawn, or seed a new lawn with our exclusive seed.

  • The new generation of Tall Fescue

  • Light to heavy traffic lawns

  • Year-Round Green

  • Performs well in coastal California, as well as cool inland valley and high desert environments

  • Deep root system ensures drought and heat tolerance

  • Emerald green color.  Natural dark green color means less nitrogen is required

  • Uses less water

  • Superior resistance to drought, insects, and disease

  • Tolerant of saline soils and saline irrigation water

  • Heat tolerant up to 100 degrees F

  • Moderately shade tolerant—requires full sun most of the day (4-10 hours)

  • 7-10 day germination time with proper planting and care

  • Mowing 1”-3”

Keeping your lawn healthy doesn’t have to be a chore, but it does require patience and care. Stay cool! Please visit us online: