Landscaping with California Sod

California Sod

Creating the perfect landscape in California can pose quite the challenge. With a vast spectrum of climates and soil composition, finding the right California sod variety that can thrive in your location may require some careful decision making. Some parts of California require a durable warm-season turfgrass variety while others prefer a cool-season variety. The type of California sod you choose and the area you’re looking to cover will ultimately shape the overall appearance of your home’s landscape.

Affordable Landscaping Ideas

Traditional California lawns featured lush green yards that were laid corner to corner with sod. However, today’s homeowners are incorporating other landscaping elements that complement their landscape without losing their lush California sod lawns altogether.

If you’ve already mastered your lawn’s turfgrass, you may be looking for some affordable landscaping ideas that compliment your lawn. To help you landscape your lawn on a budget, here are some additional affordable landscaping ideas for under $1,000:

  • Plant perennials rather than annuals as they last longer and require less maintenance
  • Plant more native species that are accustomed to the environment, a cost-effective alternative to exotic plants
  • Install in a reliable sprinkler system that will uniformly water your lawn and soaker hoses to accurately water your garden
  • Invest in a young tree for the front or backyard
  • Add stepping stones to your landscape or compliment garden beds with natural rocks for a more modern look

California homeowners are increasingly choosing sod as opposed to seed when landscaping their lawns. With weather permitting, California sod can be planted any time of the year and is instantly ready for use. Seed, on the other hand, takes longer to establish, requires more water to establish and can’t be used for months.

Buy California Sod

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