I am up a little early this Saturday morning preparing for a huge day of college football.    I am also fielding several calls and e-mails about our BOBSod from the special that aired on FOX 10 last night.  People get excited about their lawns, and their ability to have what the D-backs have on their own lawns.  You can click on the photo above to check out the piece for yourself…..

Let me tell you a little bit about the BOBSod, and why it’s perfect for your home lawn, landscape areas, or even for professional stadiums.  The Arizona Diamondbacks came to us before Bank One Ballpark was built.  They needed a special grass, and chose us to grow it.  We named it “BOBSod,” as the ballpark was nicknamed “the BOB,” and it seemed appropriate and catchy.  Since then, BOBSod has become the #1 grass in Arizona.  It is also the official turf of the D-backs and Chase Field.  It’s unique because we sell you the exact variety of grass that they actually have in the ballpark.  No one else can make that claim here in Arizona.  And, we’ve sold over 60 million square feet of it! I’ll let you do the math–as the average home lawn is 700 sq. ft. That means almost everywhere you look in PHX/TUC and you see grass, you see our BOBSod.   Yes–we still call it BOBSod, even though the ballpark is now Chase Field.  We’re nostalgic like that (or at least my marketing dept. is!).

BOBSod was developed at Mississsippi State University.  It was bred to  provide a deep blue green color, and to be the most shade tolerant of all the bermudagrasses on the market today.  It is a very homeowner friendly grass that should be maintained between 3/4″-2″. It has a horizontal growth habit which makes weekly mowing a breeze, and it’s virtually resistant to those ugly seeds heads that other varieties produce. I’ve been growing BOBSod in my front yard for years, and wouldn’t go with anything else, as I have a 40 ft. pine tree that shades my yard a significant portion of the day.  My lawn looks great.  Look at the grass you see on TV at Chase Field, the Rose Bowl, and PETCO Park.  Even on the Lousiana State University football and baseball fields.  That is our BOBSod.  Many home lawns and landscape areas in the valley are BOBSod, too.  We’ve even installed it at several of the owners and players homes, too.  They all decided to take their lawns “big league.”  And so can you.  If you haven’t already done it, please check out the link of the Fox 10 special on the top of this page, and you can find out why everyone loves their BOBSod!

Enough blogging for a Saturday morning because it is game day. Go Blue, and remember—“Life is short.  Sod it!”

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