What is Soil Burst?


soil burst


If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for plant fertilizer, then look no further. Soil Burst is a premium fertilizer for both plants and turf grass. It has a slow release formula that releases nitrogen into the soil in small doses over an extended period time rather than all at once. Perfect for any lawn stage, Soil Burst is customized to stimulate plant growth all year long.

What are the Benefits of Soil Burst?

Loaded with essential nutrients, Soil Burst is the type of fertilizer that sod loves. Its natural release formula and its granular texture allow for the soil and roots of the sod to fully absorb all the necessary nutrients to grow strong and healthy. This type of fertilizer has been known to leave your grass a dark and vibrant green color all summer long. It also works to protect root structure all throughout the winter.

Once implemented, Soil Burst also works to strengthen and reinforce your grass’s root structure and makes it easier for these roots to absorb water. In the long run, this reinforced root structure creates a healthy lawn that is drought tolerant and water friendly. In addition to root health and healthy coloring, Soil Burst revitalizes your lawn’s soil structure and boosts your plant’s immune system.

Beware of Over-Fertilizing

Always remember, there is such thing as too much fertilizer. Over-fertilizing can destroy your lawn and causes “fertilizer burn.” This damages the leaves and root structure while causing little to no growth after application. To avoid over-fertilizing follow the instructions on the plant fertilizer label carefully and contact a sod professional prior to application if you have any additional questions.