Arizona Sod Installation

How Much Does Sod Cost?

According to a recent study done by Home Advisor, the average cost of having sod installed in a 2,000-square foot yard is a little over $1,000. Assuming the area is relatively flat, this price includes the sod, labor and equipment needed to have your sod installed by a professional.

If that price has you thinking, “maybe I’ll just use some seed instead,” our sod pros here at West Coast Turf ask you to take a few things into consideration before making that your final decision. Although seeding is a cheaper way to create a grassy yard, it’s definitely not the most efficient. With a sod lawn, there is no waiting for the grass to grow and no hoping for a lush, green lawn.

Also, keep in mind that there are 2 main factors that affect the total cost of installing a sod lawn:

  1. The type of sod used
    There are many different strains of grass within the warm and cool season famil. At West Coast Turf, we provide all our customers with the best quality Arizona and California sod. We guarantee that your sod will ready for proper installation to ensure maximum growth.
  2. The size of the area
    This is the most important factor since sod companies charge by square footage. The more sod you’ll need, the more labor you’ll need to lay it and the cost of the job will continue to go up from there. Also, consider the barriers of laying sod in limited access areas such as small passage ways or irregular shaped areas as these will affect the price of the installation as well.


Install an Arizona Sod Lawn on a Budget

If you’re looking to install a sod lawn but aren’t sure if it’s in your budget, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at West Coast Turf, we provide high quality sod at reasonable prices and can help sod a lawn on any budget.

Our pros can help recommend the proper type of turf grass for your yard depending on the environment you live in and the landscape of your current yard. All you’ll need to do is decide how many square feet you’d like to cover, and what type of maintenance you’re willing to perform to keep your grass looking lush and green. Contact us today to get started and be sure to tell us why you’re choosing to #keepitreal with a sod lawn.