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With baseball season going in post season, you may be wondering, how do they keep the grass so green? Despite heavy foot traffic, unruly weather conditions and off-season use, baseball fields are notoriously known for their prestigious presentation. The main cause for the luscious green appearance of the field obviously comes from proper field maintenance, but the bigger, more important factor starts with the type of sod used on the field itself. There are four types of sod for baseball fields that are commonly found throughout MLB stadiums. See which varieties made the list for most popular turgrasses in the major leagues.

Best Sod for Baseball Fields

The best type of sod for baseball fields depends on the regional and climatic location of the field, but despite locational difference there are four types of turfgrasses that are commonly found around the baseball diamond.

Tifway 419 Bermudagrass – Combining toughness with beauty Tifway 419 has been the most popular sports turf in California for the last 40 years. It boasts beautiful dark green coloring, medium-fine texture and is one of the most durable grasses on the market. It’s high density and rapid growth habit makes it quick to recover from injury and is ready for game day every day.

Found at: Angel Stadium and Dodger Stadium

Bull’s-Eye Bermuda – One of our most popular sport field turgrasses, Bull’s-Eye Bermuda (BOBSod in Arizona), is an exceptionally tough hybrid bermuda with a high drought  tolerance and is the most shade tolerant turfgrass in the bermuda variety. It requires less water compared to cool season grasses and has a unique blue-green coloring, zoysiagrass texture and Tifway durability.

Found at: Chase Field

Kentucky Bluegrass – Specially grown in California for the Oakland Coliseum, our Kentucky bluegrass is prepared for the stadium’s yearly resodding. It’s also the most popular sod for baseball fields. Used on 50 percent of MLB baseball fields, it’s an easy growing grass that can withstand cold weather and makes for a beautiful and lush green sports field.

Found at: Oakland Coliseum

Bandera Bermuda – First used by Petco Park in 2014, when the Padres decided to switch from Bull’s-Eye Bermuda to one of our newer bermudagrass varieties, Bandera Bermuda. It’s a California-grown turfgrass that requires less water and thrives in warm environments.  It is unquestionably the most rapid establishing and fastest recovering from turf damage and wear. Making it one of the most durable, shad resistant, cold tolerable and disease resistant varieties we’ve ever produced.

Found at: Petco Park

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With more than 25 years of experience providing the best California and Arizona sod, you can find our turgrasses on 20 percent of MLB baseball fields. We use the latest technology so the new turfgrass can be in play – sometimes just days before the big game! If you’re looking for the best sod for baseball fields or the home field advantage of quality turgrass at home, we can help. Contact us today at 888-893-TURF for more information on our sod products and fresh delivery services.