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West Coast Turf was founded in 1990 with the aim of providing the best sod and service in the business. Along with sister company in Arizona, Western Sod, we offer more than 30 different varieties of turfgrass, sod and stolons in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and around the world.

Mr. Wise Grass is our blog where our turfgrass pro Jay posts information on how to select and care for the sod that’s best for your environment and uses.  He answers common questions regarding issues surrounding grass and more technical issues that can be resolved with the right know-how.

If you’ve got a grass issue, Jay’s the answer-man!

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    Arizona Sod Lawns on a Budget

    Arizona Sod Installation

    How Much Does Sod Cost?

    According to a recent study done by Home Advisor, the average cost of having sod installed in a 2,000-square foot yard is a little over $1,000. Assuming the area is relatively flat, this price includes the sod, labor and equipment needed to have your sod installed by a professional.

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    Transitioning Your Lawn for Spring

    You might have noticed that the temperatures have been in the high 90's in Arizona, and have even hit the 100's in California!  No one wants to see that in late March unless you’re a sod producer or looking to get your warm season lawn to green up. While it is great for lawn color, it is still too early to know if this weather will stay or if we will get a minor cold snap. If we were assured that the 90’s were here to stay I would tell you to really start pushing your warm season turf, but it is best to ease into the season until soil temperatures reach 64 degrees.

    Either way, transition time is upon us and it is time to start easing into the summer grass season. For people with non-overseeded turf this weather is great news for their lawn, and for others transition can bring a few headaches. I have outlined some simple steps to help you get your lawn to go from ryegrass to bermudagrass without any anxiety.


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    2017 Backyard Design Trends

    Backyard Design Trends from Arizona Sod Experts

    Backyard Design Trends Edible Garden

    If you’ve recently found yourself itching for a new backyard, you’re not alone. Here at West Coast Turf, our Arizona sod pros are always looking for the next big thing in landscaping so that we can provide our customers with a forward-thinking approach to designing their perfect lawn.

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    Create a Drought Resistant Lawn with these Arizona and California Sods

    Drought Resistant Lawn

    Hope all you California and Arizona residents stayed dry from all the rain these last few weeks. The good news is, it looks like we’re finally going to get a break from the rain (for now, at least). However, we still have some time before Spring arrives. So, soak up the wet winter weather while you still can, because it won’t last forever.

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    Tips for Growing Arizona Sod in the Shade

    Arizona Sod in Shade

    Trying to maintain healthy, quality grass in the shade is like fighting an uphill battle where the grass is always greener on the other side. The first step towards overcoming this battle begins with understanding the problems grass encounters in the shade.

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